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Welcome to Bomb City, USA. If you’re new to the Amarillo area, you’ve chosen a wonderful place to call home.

Ask local residents what they love about Amarillo and they’re apt to all give you a different answer. To start, Amarillo has a very low cost of living, making it an ideal location for young families, retirees, and just about anyone whose family isn’t in cattle or oil!

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Another nice thing about Amarillo is that it is a smaller city, so you get wonderful amenities and infrastructure while also enjoying a small-town charm. And commutes are a breeze. In big cities like Dallas you might drive an hour or more to work or for other errands and appointments. In Amarillo, you can get just about everywhere in 20 minutes or less.

The job market is strong in Amarillo, with some major production facilities located locally. And the area’s wind turbines are not only lowering residents’ utility bills but also increasing job opportunities.

And you can’t find nicer people in the country than right here in Amarillo. There is genuine kindness and decency that seems to run through locals’ veins. We believe in lending a hand to a neighbor in need, holding doors open for each other and meaning it when we say, “How are you today?” That kind of genuine warmth is pretty priceless.

About the only thing better than hospitable locals is tantalizing BBQ, and boy do we have that in Amarillo. Two words: Tyler’s Barbeque. You’re welcome.

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I recognize there are many realtors in the Amarillo area that you could work with, so why work with me?
My goal each day is to make buying and selling real estate cost-effective and hassle-free for my clients. I believe in not only meeting the evolving needs of my clients and associates, but also serving and improving the community I live in, a community I simply adore.

Having sold over 200 homes in and around Amarillo, I know the local market inside and out and what it takes to connect the right buyers with the right sellers. I specialize in New Construction Custom Built Homes and work with many lenders and guide buyers through the short sale process. Please take a moment to look through my listings where you’ll find:

Whether you are buying or selling a home, I would love to help you through this important transaction. If you have any questions about buying or selling real estate in Texas, please contact me as I'm more than willing to help.

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